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Performance, monologue. Duration: appx. 20 min. including a serving of Time off move on, a cocktail with sparkling rosé, Treo Citrus (a citrus flavoured salicylate painkiller that dissolves in liquid) and blue poppy seeds.


Photo: David Stjernholm

Poppy seeds, a legal way to get your hands on opium - directly from the source. Morphine and other opium alkaloids are found mainly in the sap of the poppy, but the seeds can be contaminated with sap and thus opium alkaloids. In 2014 the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food conducted an investigation to survey the content of opium alkaloids in poppy seeds for sale on the Danish market. In total, tests were made on 13 samples of both white and blue poppy seeds. Out of eight samples of blue poppy seeds three were found to contain more than four times the recommended amount of either morphine or codeine.

Except from the manuscript:

"I have bought a loosefitting dress in one of the shops in the mall. It is white, sleeveless and has an asymmetrical cut at the bottom, very comfortable. I needed to find something that wasn't too constricting. Since my arrival I have developed a sort of constipation, plus the heat is not suitable for tightfitting clothes. I haven't worn anything else the past five days. In the early evening it gets a little cooler and I head down to the mall again. I go into one of the small supermarkets and buy a gift box with a bottle of rosé and four film-wrapped plastic wine glasses. Isn't wine supposed to be good for indigestion? Or maybe it's just alcohol in general. Strong liquor might be even more effective, but my gut will have to make do, because I don't want to be sitting all alone on the beach with a bottle of booze.

On the beach people walk hand-in-hand while watching their children, who paddle merrily, or build sand castles with absorbed expressions, or eat ice cream from a cups or cones. I pour myself a glass of wine and place the bottle upright in my tote bag. Keeping my distance I walk behind a young couple in matching shorts in order to avoid making a choice."