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Cocktail with sparkling rosé, Treo Citrus (a citrus flavoured salicylate painkiller that dissolves in liquid) and blue poppy seeds. Served in connection to the performance Gran Canaria.


Poppy seeds, a legal way to get your hands on opium - directly from the source. Morphine and other opium alkaloids are found mainly in the sap of the poppy, but the seeds can be contaminated with sap and thus opium alkaloids. In 2014 the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food conducted an investigation to survey the content of opium alkaloids in poppy seeds for sale on the Danish market. In total tests were made on 13 samples of both white and blue poppy seeds. Out of eight samples of blue poppy seeds three were found to contain more than four times the recommended amount of either morphine or codeine.

Photo: David Stjernholm